Software & Mobile Apps


Sparkish been trusted, experience and have specialization to build open source software for our clients to develop software for monitoring system, reporting system, tasking and transaction. We Build software based on users needs and requirements. Our software is Web based, because we want users to easily monitor they activity with they mobile devices. Our Clients are from many industry such as; Hospital, Medical Clinic, Bank, Certification Body, Trading, manufacture, automotive and retail. We develop software that applicable to integrated with other users current software, such as; SAP, ORACLE and others.



Technology Used:

  • HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS

  • PHP 5.3*

  • MySQL (Possible to use DBMS such as Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc)

Advantage of web based application:

  • Easy Installation

  • Open Source

  • Multi Platform

  • Reliable and Centralized Application

  • Does not require special installation on a client PC, client only requires a browser to access application.

  • Minimal Maintenance Cost



Sparkish also concern to users that would like to used software but have limited budget to develop the specific software, that is why we has develop software that can be used by users  to simplified they activity in affordable price also.